Gambling man loses big. Does he deserve his money back?

United States
September 25, 2009 1:02am CST
A 61 year old man in detroit is currently suing a local casino called Motor City Casino. He claims to have lost upwards of 610,000 dollars and so the casino should reimburse him. He further claims that the casino brain washed him and it was there duty to deny him further gambling ability after he had already lost big. What do you guys think? Personally i think it seems ridiculous. The man clearly has a gambling problem. And when it comes to people losing there money there is no way to make them happy. Im sure had they stopped him he would have said something along the lines of "its not fair for them to deny me gambling and a chance to regain my losses". Im not saying that i wouldnt be upset had i lost more then a half a million dollars but the fact of the matter is that its each persons individual responsibility to know when they have gone to far. People have problems and sometimes its hard to figure out on your own but now he is going to lose even more in legal fees and hurt not only his image but the image of the casino.
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@SuzyLong (775)
25 Sep 09
I think it is purely his own fault, the casino didn't make him gamble, he walked in there because he wanted to, they didn't stand outside the doors dragging people in and telling them to gamble their money away. he's just a very sore loser and was ashamed of himself when he realised how much he had lost so decided to try what ever he could to get his money back. i hope the casino wins the case