what are the treaments of pimples?

September 25, 2009 2:26am CST
i have try a lot of medicines, soap, and facial wash. but it just getting worst and multiply around my face. i tried natural medicines it is effect but it takes months and it is itchy.
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@knygma (61)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 09
the best acne medication is benzoyl peroxide. benzoyl peroxide usually comes with 2.5%, 5% & 10% strength. clinical studies proves that lower strength works just as same as higher strength except that lower strength is less irritating. i myself use BP to treat my acne, & by far i'm very satisfied with it. i used panoxyl 2.5, apply it during the night before bedtime all over my face & layer off with light moisturizer to avoid flakiness. i also apply it in the morning after cleansing my face with a light cleanser. Yes, apply BP after cleansing your face. the result can usually be seen if u follow the routine faithfully for at least 3 weeks and in some cases it might be longer. However u are advised no to stop applying BP even after your face has cleared up. This is to prevent newer acne from popping up. in terms of cleansing your face, avoid over cleansing as it will strip away your skin's natural oil. u know it when your skin feels tight. skin disease like acne also associates with the deficiency of zinc. if possible try to take supplement of zinc as zinc helps in decreasing the possibility of cystic acne. Water is also important. Drink 6-8 glass of water a day. Your body is going to need that. Happy trying!
@Chanllys (11)
• China
5 Oct 09
Hi,smokoyboy!I have the same problem with you and I have been drinking in the summer vacation of my acne medicine treatment.However,it dose not see a turn for the better.Although now much better,but left pock.I am very afraid it will not disappear from my face.So I want to ask you if your condition are getting better and can you give me some advice.