being left behind by technology

September 25, 2009 7:03am CST
when i entered an internet cafe i was surprised seeing young kids playing the computer. during my time what we did most of the time was just playing. i learned how to use the computer when i was in high school. as i watched them playing warcraft i became interested but the sad thing is im really having a hard time catching the techniques in playing warcraft maybe i am left behind by technology.
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26 Sep 09
If you Joel Garreau's book, Radical Evolution, you start to become aware that the exponential growth in technology will grant us much more power than we hope to harness. Will we be consumed by technology or can we manage to control ourselves? If we do get swept away by our own technologies, will the outcome be a utopia or a nuclear waste? These are the scenarios that he explores in the book. The scenarios are: Heaven, Hell, Prevail.
• Indonesia
25 Sep 09
i think you should read or googling about digital natives and digital immigrants i hope they will answer your concern