a day in my life.. at college.....

September 26, 2009 10:01am CST
As usual,I started my day with my bed coffee. But i forgot to brush my teeth but didn't forget to have my breakfast. It was then i turned to the clock and found that it was already too late to get to the college. In a rush, i took the bag, without taking my books. Never mind, i started off to the college. As usual, i went directly to my girl friend. I could understand that she was expecting something. I tried to guess about what it would be. ohhhh.. yeah.. it was her birthday!!! Obviously, she was expecting a gift. I put my hands and eyes into my bag to take out the gift [ which i had bought last day ]. "Ohh no..!! I forgot to keep it in my bag in that rush!! But, I didn't forget to give another good gift, I gave her a kiss! She was so pleased, and seeing a "helpless smile" on my face, she said, "it's ok, you have given me a nice gift, i love you". She's not like me, she didn't forget to treat me on her birthday. After that, i proceeded to my class.. ohhh... it's chemistry lab hour!! i hate it like hell! I took my place in the lab, started hearing a irritating voice from the platform of hell [chemistry lab !! ]- " wash the test tubes, clean the bottles, pipette the base",.... "Don't care, do it as you like"- told the "HERO" within me. Very fast movements.. taking the components, mixing and everything..."tttttthhhhhhhhhhhuuuudddddddd"... one second.. the whole class paused.. breaking that silence came that sudden and irritating voice from the platform, "who made it? I asked you not to take concentrated HCl, who did that??????" My lips had the answer to that-" Ma'm it's me, roll number 0-0-9, Beon". Here came that command in the same irritating sound with double intensity, "you just get out of the lab", Very pleased, i said, "Thank you Ma'm". Walking out of the lab very happily, the "SUPERHERO" in me in said, " Yyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhheezzzz...Beon, you won the game today!!". Without waiting any longer, i went back home, took that gift for my girl, and presented it to her. I was really more pleasured when she kissed me!! "Ya that was not bad". A happy end to the day!! IT WAS ONE OF MY MOST MEMORABLE DAYS IN LIFE...WHAT'S YOURS??
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@deepuuus (41)
• India
27 Sep 09
WOW!!!!!!!!! I hav't in my all life heard such a big 'VEDI'....... any way nice job pal..... it's one of the top rated today... enjoy.... and don't ever start such a heerooooistic discussions
@gowriv89 (295)
• India
26 Sep 09
Well i had too many hot days in my college life....Especially the first day i saw my boy friend after i had fallen in love with him. He looked very smart that day....I spent most of the time talking with him that day.My next memorable incident is my close friend's birthday (joyce). I just love her. Finally i should tell about my college tour.......Oh my god what an enjoyment..........I wonder y i don't get any other day like that once again.........We all had such an enjoyment and entertainment in kerala.....Day should be like that......pleasureable