What do you think of mylot?

@trm820 (222)
United States
September 26, 2009 5:37pm CST
Are you a big fan or no? Do you think mylot could improve some things?
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• Indonesia
26 Sep 09
I think this site is great, if you want to socialize. The money is also an interesting incentive, eventhough the amount is far from big. I use mylot mainly to respond discussions, if I have something in my mind to ask, or I need quick answers, I'd go to another website. Keep making friends in mylot, I think it will help you enjoy your time here.
26 Sep 09
I have been here just over a month now and I am enjoying it so far but I have a couple of ideas of how they could improve the site or how the site could be better without additions from Mylot. 1.) I think that the rewards should be more clear than they are, for instance you should be able to have a list of different pay grades for discussions as there is no real indication of how much you will earn from certain discussions. 2.) I feel the site would be a lot better if there were more people on the site as I often see discussions that have no posts for hours or even days and you can miss posts from people because of the length of time between posts.
@Craicha (801)
26 Sep 09
what i think in mylot, since im just new here about 4days here now, for me its too early to say about mylot...but i had fun in sharing discussions here ...:)