Which are the world's strongest militaries?

September 26, 2009 7:06pm CST
I've ranked the country with the strongest armed forces with 1 being the highest. Do you agree with me? 1: USA 2: China 3: Russia 4: India 5: Britain 6: France 7: Pakistan 8: North Korea 9: Israel 10: Germany
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@kid221 (151)
• Philippines
27 Sep 09
I agree with your first two countries Elijah as the most powerful countries in terms of military hardware and influence. The US has been very active as if it is the world's policeman and always get in the thick of the fight in the world's different hotspot. China has been building its military with its new found economy and might as one of the world's populated area. Israel should be in the top 5 as a military might with its advanced technology in military as well as highly trained military personnel. Russia is not that strong anymore because of the dismantling of the former USSR. Some Balkan states have their own military forces. South Korea is also a military power that was not included in the list. This country is well supported by its allies like the US in terms of hardware and technology. It has its own production industries for military hardware. NOrth Korea, yes, because it has nothing to do but show the world that it can bully anyone else. But in reality, it is just a show of force to everyone. You failed to include Japan in the list. This country has one of the most advanced military in the world with its dominance in electronics technology. India is not that strong I think but there are rumors it is producing nuclear tipped missiles the same with Pakistan. As long as these countries keep its harmony in maintaining world peace, then we will live a life of unity and endless peace..
• Canada
27 Sep 09
Israel isn't that good anymore. They may be the best trained military in the world and is supported by western nations but they are small in numbers. They've fought the palestians for so many years that their ranking is going down the list. I'd agree Russia isnt that strong because the USSR collasped and now they're not that competive with the US. South Korea is probably on the top 20 but the North is stronger. North korea has 1/5 of it's poplulation in the military and has the forth largest armed forces. It spends more money on the military rather than improving it's economy. North Korea recently developed the nuclear weapon and are constanly improving missiles. After WW2, the 3 axis powers werent allowed to expand their military. As a result Japan mainly focuses on improving the economy rather the military. It's army is mainly a peacekeeping force like Germany. India may not be that strong but the have the 3rd largest armed forces and are constanly improving their military.