what are the circumstances when you have a son?

September 26, 2009 7:55pm CST
i have a son named ratthy. he is so cute, but unfortunately we cannot see him all the time because we have to work.despite of how we missed him we are doing this so that we can attend to all his needs and to save money for our son's better future .
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• Philippines
18 Nov 09
parenting is very hard task... u shoul act as a person hu has a goal if u dont do it both u and ur baby or even urself just think about its better 2 hav a future dan having urself...
• United Arab Emirates
22 Oct 09
I have the most loving and beautiful son. His name is TJ, short for Timothy Joseph. I miss him so much!! I'm not able to see, play and interact with my son because he is in my own country. I work here in the Middle East and couldn't afford to bring my family here since I myself is still looking for a job. I'm one of the unlucky ones who got terminated due to recession. That is why looking at how things are with my family, I can't imagine spending more months here without being with my son and wife. I wanted to give him the best of everthing its just that time and destiny doesn't permit at this moment...
• Tianjin, China
14 Oct 09
The same to you . i have a son named yangyang.He is only one year more.when he three months , i have to go to work.when he eight months ,his grandmother (my husband,s mother)took him to her home ,because much more people can take care of him there.so i have to see him every week.My husband and i want to save money for our son.he is very cute.
• Bahamas
12 Oct 09
this is the best time to put in alot of hours now so when he gets older u can spend more time with him and still be able to give him every thing he needs.
• Philippines
11 Oct 09
being a parent must have a lot of responsibility.i also have a son,his turning 2 yrs.old this october.his so cute and intelligent.I thank God because he gave us a son like him..
@arluling (27)
• China
11 Oct 09
I have a daughter who is 5 years old. My wife is a housewife. She don't go to work but she is very kind to take care of our daughter and I. In orde to earn money I have less time to accompany with my daughter. My company need me work at oversea I always have a business travel for several months, so I just can use internet video communication to talk with my daughter. It bothers me when my daughte don't want talk to me.My wife is in charge of our daughter's life including eating,education,playing. When I am back to home I feel my daughter like her mother more. I think I need spend more time with her. I need play with her and read the story with her before she sleep. Now I am still at oversea. I miss my family very much. I hope I can go back as soon as possible.