education after a long time.....

September 27, 2009 8:44am CST
i am a high school graduate and settled at the young age...get married and have 4 elder was at fourth year in college now and the second was in fourth year high school and the left are in elementary... i miss those times(school time)so when i have the chance go on it and i grab am taking up bar tending course and i really proud to say that i enjoying attending this class....learning some of mixing and soon use for own business to start..and hopefully my two elder kids will help me with it...i know lots of mother out there is like me,,miss things that they didnt experienced because of getting married at young too can study and learn and enjoy and most important fill the missing part of your life...
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@PeacefulWmn9 (10424)
• United States
27 Sep 09
Hi Marilyn, and welcome to MyLot :) I've known many people, myself included, who've gone on to further their education or get a degree or certificate as older adults who'd married and had a family at a young age. My own thoughts are that we're never too old and it's never too late to further our education! So good for you for doing as you're doing. Karen
• Philippines
28 Feb 10
thanks.... and im so glad am done with it... now am practicing a little of it.. yes education is never be late...
@Boyetski (989)
• Philippines
27 Sep 09
There's really nothing wrong attending class at a late age. As long as your enjoying it and not wasting time with it. And since you going to use it for your business, it really is a wonderful idea as far as im concern
• Philippines
28 Feb 10
yes,you know my teacher then is a half young of my anyway thanks and have a great day..
@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
5 May 10
yes it is.
@aerous (13471)
• Philippines
29 Sep 09
You have a good idea, my friend. That is really a helpful to make business with your own. That is also my dream in life to have my own business. Since were doing much time in online jobs...I will consider it as business. I appreciate you for that plan, my friend...I wish that your plan being materialize...Have a great day!
• India
27 Sep 09
Hi, its very sweet to hear your studing after long time..there is no fault in that learning at this stage,it is really very interesting and understandable the concepts more easily compared to young age....since,you have came acrossed many things and experience you will reach to great heights..for education the age is no bar,we can study till our old is a word give you more respect in this society,environment and wherever you go and after we die all the best to acheive your goals and congrats for educating yourself...