Earning by PTC,PTR,PTP and so on,these ways are so wasting so much time!

@plyjhu (85)
September 27, 2009 10:14am CST
.....do you know these ways to earn cash online? .....and when you have done,how do you feelings..? .....In my mind,I can do it as a long time,becasue i feel that it is so wasting time,and your earning is few,even that you get nothing. .....and i find out that so more people want to setup a website to earn money,but you must to know that,it need you spend more time in colleting data and keeping it update.also need you to spread your website on many kinds of websites and search engines.or you can gather several people to do it together. .....I also want to gather someone to do,do you have an interest in?
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