New vs old witch do you prefer best?

@apples99 (6564)
United States
September 27, 2009 6:06pm CST
I recently ordered the original tomb raider game, because I really enjoyed it the first time I played it years ago with my big sister, we would take turns playing and I was always kind of a back seat gamer in those days, lol. I mean while my sister was controlling Lara I would be shouting out directions like go left go right jump this why jump that way. needless to say I was the winner of the game in the end. Anyway, I find myself more and more interested in some of the older ps1 and ps2 games they just seem a bit more fun, and a little less difficult not that I mind a bit of difficulty, but some of the newer playstation games seem to be way to hard and that can sometimes take away from the enjoyment of the game. but what do you think do you tend to lean towards the new or the older games? New vs old
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@elitess (5072)
• Ipswich, England
7 Oct 09
Hello there Apples. I have played Tomb Raider 2, 3, 4, and aniversary. I can't remember if i tried the other ones. I used to love 2, even if the graphics was low, and even 3 - apart from the action i liked her house and garden to explore. I do appreciate the quality of the graphics in Tomb Raider Anniversary, and i agree that the new ones are more complicated then the old ones, but i found them still able to play and pass on the levels. I can't really make my choice on which is better, but although the old ones were great, and i will probably play them from time to time, i guess it's time to look at the new ones with confidence (and patience :D).
• India
15 Oct 09
I have played only Tomb Raider 3 only .Its a few years ago .Many of my friends started this game with me. But only i and my friend Sahal could finish it .It took us 3 weeks .I haven't played this much difficult game in my life.We had to do extreme strategy .I really enjoyed it.Now i am playing Assassin's creed.Is a nice game.
@JenInTN (27564)
• United States
27 Sep 09
I like some of the newer games because of the graphics but your right about them being a little more difficult sometimes. I have some favorite games that are older and I enjoy playing them. I also do get some older games sometimes.