What One Thing Would You Change About PayPal?

United States
September 28, 2009 12:05am CST
Hey there! Do you use Paypal? If you do then you must know alot of things about Paypal.. So for the people who use Paypal.. If you can change one thing about paypal, what would you change? Would you want to change the fees that they take out when you receive funds? Or would want to add in some extra options to receive funds? Tell us in the comment below on what one thing you would change about Paypal.. Maybe you dont want to change anything about paypal, but maybe ran into some troubles using paypal.. What kind of problems did you encounter? Please let us know on what kind of problems you ran into using Paypal! Maybe thats what you want to fix so others dont have the same problem..
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• Philippines
7 Oct 09
I would like the transfer from the paypal account to your local bank account to perform much faster. in some cases, it could take long as much as a week before the transfer is completed, which is really a bummer since what is the point with all these processes being automated after all, right? Also, hopefully they would charge the person sending you funds on paypal instead of deducting fees on the actual amount you receive. It is also a bummer to actually get less than the money you were intended to receive.
• United States
7 Oct 09
I also hate the fees that they charge you on paypal. All those fees start to add up later if you use paypal to get most of your funds, just think the fees are getting rediculous on eBay and Paypal.. They should have two options for paypal users, 1. should be monthly payment, that would be great for people like me who receive alot of money online they we can pay one sum. 2. percentage, this would be great for people who just receive less funds then they wont be taxed so much by paypal.. ^^
@dearof4 (11)
• Thailand
4 Oct 09
Paypal performs payment processing for online vendors auction site,and other commercial users for which if charges a fee. it sometimes also charges a transaction fee for receiving money