Do you consider yourself religious or spiritual?

United States
September 28, 2009 12:08am CST
Over the years if learned to move away from having just one religion and to be a spiritual open minded person I think to solely follow one religion is a bit worthless its a harsh word but i think there is something to learn from religions of all kinds. I went to church recently and there was actually a section on the flyer that said and i quote " Are you having trouble with homosexual feelings? Come to our discussion group to cure it." and that was the last straw for me im not a fan of those bible banging self righteous people should find something better to do with your time. When i see them its like they are all the same way the say they want to live their life the best way they can and live to be Gods people. and Speaking of God... i think its weird that his name happens to be God but in every other religion all their Gods have names. Maybe its a little misleading don't you think? and finally it comes to me i think ive been living my life in a spiritual way ever since i was in high school ive learned the worlds not perfect and the rules and so called laws they set for you are anything but just which is why i also live by my own rules of what is right or wrong because the two things that the bible and the justice system have in common is they were both written by man and man is far from any type of higher power so why should a select group of peoples views be enforced upon everyone? I think the most misleading thing is when people say (America the land of opportunity), or (America the land of the free). When in reality its neither of those its more like the opportunity to seek opportunity in the pre-adjusted fields they have available for you. If theirs anything ive learned is that change is always a good thing as they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you don't believe me look at capitalism but thats a different story for another time there it is a little part of my mind living in a royal mind state. Tell me what you think and if it grabs your attention just remember these are the words of the King;)
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• India
28 Sep 09
i consider myseld as spritual.. :) i follow one religion Christianity :) i am happy to be with it wat i am :P