College Decision!

United States
September 28, 2009 12:50am CST
I find my self in a similar situation I was in nearly 4 years ago now. It was four years ago that I graduated high school with the world ahead of me, but no direction in which way I wanted to go. After I left high school I received offers to go to Drexel University, Lasell University, and a few other schools, but decided that I wasn't a serious enough student to go to any of those high priced schools. I decided to go to a community college to see how well I would do and see if college was for me. After two terrible semesters of me slacking off and doing nothing to help my academic career I left school and went into the open job market at a time when jobs where still plentyful. I worked at a Mercedes dealership for almost two years which now seems almost like a blurr and a waste of time on my part. Then I went to work with adolescent kids and got the wake up call that I desperately needed. I worked with kids who where sexually abused and had mild mental retardation (and before anyone gets offended I'd like to add that the term mental retardation isn't a joke geared at anyone, but is a medical term used by doctors) and used their full potential doing the most basic of tasks that we take for granted. Long story short after 6 months working there I finally found myself back in an unfamiliar setting. I was in a classroom after over 3 years. I worked hard and over the last two semesters have carried a 3.7 GPA. The time away really did me some good and I would suggest to anyone that is confused like I was when I left high school to go work at a 7-5 job everyday. I'd put in over 40 hours a week every week as well as working another job on the weekend for a grand total of about 70 hours total every week. Thinking back on it I spend 3 days of every week working at my jobs. In either case by working you will see exactly what the rest of your life is geared towards. At the Mercedes job I looked at the people I was working with. There was a guy who I worked with who had started working the job when he was 16 years old and had already put in 25 years with the company. It was a job I couldn't see myself doing for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, it is Mercedes we are talking about and they do pay decently well, but the time you spend and the duties you are asked to do make the job not worth it. Now I find myself looking at bigger colleges and universities to go to and I am back at the same decision I was when I was a senior in high school. What college should I go to next? Am I ready for the next step and taking that journey into the school that is going to determine my career? I know I am ready! It was the journey that I was meant to take and I am glad the detour was taken on the way or I would have never reached my full potential. If there is anyone out in the Mylot world that has either gone to Drexel University or has attended Northeastern University please give me your take on your respective school and why or why not I should go to that school.
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