Thinking about going into Medical Industry?

United States
September 28, 2009 6:46am CST
Hi there! Are there any MyLotters out there who are on a premed track, are in mad school, or are currently doctors? I'm considering going the premed track and into med school, but I'm really wavering about whether or not it's something I want to do. I'm entirely confident I can handle the workload and academic challenges medicine presents, but I'm not sure if I'd be happy going that direction? I'm really exactly 50/50 on this one!
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@hari1111 (238)
• New Zealand
17 Aug 10
I have been having alot of indecision lately and medschool has been one of my options. The thought of surgery somewhat excites me! That is why I want to go into a surgical feild. Because it drives me to try hard for a dream. Med is a well paid profession though not in proportion to how much hours you put in (with the exception of the 90210 surgeons who earn millions!) you can expect to work from 40-100 hours, sometimes even working 30 hours straight! Despite that i would still want to pursue my interest, most especially since i have a passion for biology and chemistry
• Philippines
28 Sep 09
I recently graduated from college, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. I also passed the recent June Licensure Exam. I've been wanting to go into Med school, but my family's finances can't afford the extra load. I am disheartened by this, but I plan to work first then save money. Then maybe later, I can send myself to med school :) I have classmates who are now in their first year of med school, and based on their reactions, Med is hard but they love it.
@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
28 Sep 09
i am a licensed medical technologist and i had thought of going to medical school before. I decided to no longer pursue it because my parents are getting old and weak and i was thinking that they may no longer be able to support me. That is apart from the reason that medicine school is much too expensive for me to flunk. But if you do have the passion to help people in their physical state, why not? You'll make a fine doctor.