Why I like Cats!

September 28, 2009 7:41am CST
Guys, Whats up! I like to share you short story. Twelve years in the past, one cutey,cutey kitten is astray in our house, a black and white just like felix the cat! He is very poor kitten that wanted really help at that time. It fell in my very feet. So I decide, to adopt it. And we as a family, we cared for it very much from that time onwards. Until it had grown big. Just like a little dog. Until it died. We love that cat and we never forget. By the way we call it Felix. That was an eye opener to us. Until today we like cats. We have a cat today that he is all white.His name was Meo a local name. We cherish it so dearly. How about you? Why do you like cats? What is the story behind? Please let mylotters know!!!
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• Philippines
29 Sep 09
I like cats too especially when they are just kittens. I also have a small he's color is pure black. I found him while I'm on my way home. I pity him so I and my nephew took him to our house. Now his already 6 months old and I'm always having fun playing with him. The funny thing with him is he's afraid of hamster. i don't know why but every time I take him near to my hamster he always run away.
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
Hehehhee...I think its so cute when he's afraid of the hamster! The rats whats out! Here comes your cats chasing you...but at the back there is a hamster! ehhehe What happened then? I guess it will ran away from the hamster...So cute! thanks
@enola1692 (3325)
• United States
28 Sep 09
we just took in a stray also we her Frankie she is about 6 months old an i swear she is nuts she likes getting on my computer chair an chae her tail til she gets my chair spinning it so funny to watch her we also have 3 other cats that were strays our oldest one trixie was outside when a pitbull an dobermen came in our uard near the kids an that cat I swear let out I think it was a war cry an ran to the dogs an jumped on the dobbie's back chasing both dogs away an then she comes back like hey whats the big deal you know what they say cat rule dogs drool then she went in the house an took a nap she is 12 so she needed a nap after that
• Philippines
30 Sep 09
Wow regards to Frankie! One reason that I like cats is that they are very funny when they begin to play! Maybe with their tail, or another object! They are so funny.