advise for my puppy

@amichi (92)
September 28, 2009 8:44pm CST
Hi, I have a German Shepherd 10 months old, considered by me as the happiest dog because always ready to play, but plays well as breaks everything that crosses the road, and nibbling on my hands too, when scolding and I say NO!!!, it's like for a keyword to keep playing. I have two other adults dogs and breed chihuahua and I remember that they have had this behavior. I never had a German Shepher and my question is wheter race is playful or so of my puppy became a pamperer puppy?
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@kprofgames (3103)
• United States
29 Sep 09
I remember my German Shepaherd as a pup being very playful. She needed a lot of outside running around and rough housing to get her to be a clamer pooch in the house. She is older now and now have a mastiff and man oh man she is more than any dog I've ever had and naughty too! I hate to say it but you need to establish a punishment tool. Like a newspaper or a ruler. There is nothing wrong with given a good smack if they do something wrong like jump up on the table (and mind you, you have to do that early because if they do it as a puppy there is not stopping it once they get bigger). The key I think is treat them just like a child. Reward the good behavior and scold the bad. If really bad, then spank the dog. Bring in a puppy into a household with seasoned dogs is hard, but remember a puppy is just like a little child roo and needs plenty of play time so she can be calmer then too.
@amichi (92)
• Mexico
29 Sep 09
Thanks for the advice, my puppy found abandoned in the street with 5 days old, still had its umbilical cord, the bottle fed them a special food that your vet recommended us,every 2 in feeding, incluiding night and dawns, it was like having a human baby at home during the day I had a lot dream, Bruno gradually grew into today to be 10 months old, I think to have it protected from very small so overprotected and became the pet of the house and is so smart that I think takes advantage of that situation, hahaha, I say tranks again for your advice
• India
29 Sep 09
Hi, The behavior of your German shepherd is not unusual. Because when they are around 3-4 months old, they are having their teeth and after that they start shedding their milk teeth and again the process of getting permanent teeth starts. This keeps them nibbling at everything that comes in their way - whether it be socks, shoes or even bed sheet. My dog used to fold the sheet and chew it, thus making a hole in the middle. At the moment yr puppy seems to be pampered, but since german shepherd is known to be disciplined breed, he will definitely turn out to be good watch dog.