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September 28, 2009 10:18pm CST
I saw a setence'salt crystals tend to break at right angles making each grain of salt look like a little cube.and i dont know the mean of the work break.i look up it in the dictionary ,but didt get it .so i want to ask for help.can you give me a detail explaination including the example sentences,please ! thank you very much .
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29 Sep 09
a "cube" of salt - salt under magnification
The soduim and clorine molecules join and make salt. This is called "sodium chloride". When they stick together, they look a little like an ice cube. The structure of the atoms is: NaClNaClNaCl ClNaClNaClNa NaClNaClNaCl ClNaClNaClNa NaClNaClNaCl
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6 Oct 09
thanks for your help.