What do you like the most of School?

United States
September 29, 2009 9:34am CST
For example science class. etc.
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@acie_21 (5647)
• Philippines
3 Nov 09
hi there friend!... oh..i like going to school cause i love chatting with my classmates!learning from my subjects!...or learning new things.. exams are ok with me but i hate when im too much in pressure!gosh! that drives me nuts!..i love programs in school..like united nations,Christmas programs,nutrition month!parties!and oh sport events too!......heheheheh! i love high school days..not collage days!..its too much pressure specially my course is nursing!... thanks! friend! take care!.. acie here!
@gohigh00 (65)
• China
1 Oct 09
When I started my university time, I like the variety of food provided by the canteen most. There are variety kind of food in our school to satisfy differnt favor, for they are from differnt area. After a period of time, I like the smelling of library most. I always think there are some special smelling for the library, the smelling of books, I really enjoy spending my wholeday int the library. The third thing is that shoping with the classmate grils.Before I went to the university, all my closth are bought by my mother. But when I was a fresh student, my mother just gave me the money,let me go shopping for my own cloth with my classmate,It is really interesting. At last, I want to say that, There always so many snack bar near the university. the snake is really delicouse and special. It is really so funny to have a middle night snake after a long time studying.
• India
29 Sep 09
If i start to talk about school i will keep talking talking and talking I love so much things.. First of al my Friends I got all my best friends there only.. Then my maths class where i love to solve problems.. my language class where i sleep always.. playing with friends.. sharing lunch.. travelling in bus.. teasing staffs.. fighting with other class students.. and it goes on.. Wat a time i had in school.. Oh almighty thanks.. :)
@Craicha (801)
29 Sep 09
i like the english/ science/ social studies
@ckyera (17261)
• Philippines
29 Sep 09
what i like most in school? my classmates, my friends...prom, sportsfest, and foundation days..hehe field days... as to subjects i like sciences & history... i like school...i love it...i just don't like the pressures, the exams...hehe and those terror teachers!
@mothma (138)
• United States
29 Sep 09
Math, lunch, and Science. In that order. I actually enjoy going to school too, it gives me time to think.