CSI MIAMI.... is Adam rodreguiz leaving the show??

@pudgles (414)
United States
September 29, 2009 1:54pm CST
Ok so i was watching the new episode with my daughter and she was saying how Eddie has to be replacing someone.. because most times the producers let you get used to someone before they make him a permenant and let you know what his reason for actually being there is. My daughter then googles who was leaving and we found some things saying they werent killing off Delko, taht he would arrive later on in some episodes. and then we found some saying that he was just leaving if he didnt get more money, and then we found some saying that he wasnt leavingin permantly that he was just going to reamin in a coma... but didnt he awaken in the last episode??? anyone know of anything that they have heard reagarding Eric Delko on CSI miami???
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