Re-encarnation? Do You Believe In It?

United States
September 29, 2009 5:16pm CST
I want to know if you believe in Re-Encarnation. .Why or why not you do? Many poeple think that you come back as an animal or another human and thats why we have Deja-Vu about places we've never been too. Personally, i Don't believe in it but i want to know what you think . . No answer is wrong because no one knows for sure.
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@Buchi_bulla (8299)
• India
10 Nov 09
I believe in re-incarnation. Now and then news appears in papers that some child has talked about the earlier birth and gave details about places and people. When they went to those places and checked it, it came out to be true. There was no way the child could have had those details. Then how did it come to know so many details including the names and relationships? In mumbai, India a murder mystery was solved as the victim's soul appeared and told the full history of the murder and even told where the body is lying. So in my opinion, re-incarnation is true. As per our merits and demerits, we are either not born again or are born as human, animal, insect etc.