Do I dare try again?

United States
September 29, 2009 7:47pm CST
Do I dare try again? Im going to see her tommorrow, the girl that has such power over me but hurt me . Yes there were good times but were those times ever true or does that matter? She is the only girl who can look at me in the eyes and I melt. But she loves another and just toys with me. I know she just probably wants money. Should I see her? Should I risk the contact? We have stayed together many times and we end up breaking up and she goes goes back with her boyfriend. She probably never left him. She was just toying with me. Should I risk it again or should I cut off all contact and never see this person that shakes my heart again. There is pain with her but there is big void without her at least vaguely in my life. Will I ever find another or should I continue this one sided fantasy since its the only reality I have?
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