Do you believe that animals and human have soul?

September 29, 2009 9:32pm CST
Whether you believe on God or not. Do you think you have souls as well as animals and why?
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@Shr416 (27)
• India
30 Sep 09
I believe in God. There is no way all that we see today, the incredible complexity and diversity came into being on its own. Yes, I do believe in science too, but how did the origin of life come about? What was the process by which the first life forms come into being? I believe there is a higher power responsible for coordinating all of the universe. He may or may not take an interest in the daily goings on of humans, but I do believe God exists. As far as souls, I do believe we have souls (as do animals). I do not know how one can explain life otherwise. I mean is life just the beating of the heart or the taking in of breaths? Does that make one alive? Perhaps, we can make a robot one day that can do all of the same things, with a beating heart and one who could breathe. But, would that robot be alive? I believe that is the difference!! Humans and other living beings have a soul. Its that which makes one alive!!!