what do you feel about garbage posts, you know the ones that don't make sense?

@jennp204 (231)
November 14, 2006 2:34am CST
poor spelling is one thing, but if the words make no sense what is the point?
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• United States
19 Nov 06
I am assuming that everyone is reading this in english. And for many people on this site I think English is a second laugage.Heck I was raised and educated here and my grammar is horrible. So when I read a post were the grammar is incorrect I just think someone is thinking in there native tougue and writting in English. Ha, how confusing was that? As far a garbage posts It's not just the post but also the respondes as an example. "What color are your eyes?" answer "Blue" The question doesn't stimulate a conversation. But what if your answer was. " My eyes are blue, everyone in my family has blue eyes except my sister her's are hazel." At least it's a better response to a silly question....
@jennp204 (231)
• Canada
20 Nov 06
Yeah that's true, that for alot of the members ESL is a factor, Which is great! I enjoy MyLot for that reason among a few others. It is exciting to have discussions and opinions from people from all over the world. The "garbage" posts are like "would you date me" "am I hot" yadda yadda yadda. My grammar isn't the best, sometimes it is downright wrong. But I try to take an effort to make my posts worthwhile ones. For example, it is not only junk discussions, but Junk posts. more like spam posts. In one of my dicussions, the face washing one, it asks what do you use to wash your face, and I got a 'yes' for an answer, and some spam referral url, and some other member copied, and pasted my response to another poster, and made that their response. Spelling and grammar are one thing, but what I'm getting at is the stuff that has nothing to do with the topics, or that is just purely spam altogether.