A funny flashback

September 30, 2009 2:22am CST
so everybody is tensely waiting for the 2 matches today so to cool off a lil,we shall travel back 2 years. the most notable thing of the world T 20 inaugural tournament is undoubtedly the 36 over bowled by stuart broad. infact i kept watching that over again and again in youtube.it was kinda magical to see the way yuvi hit those balls. ofcourse this is not the first time i have seen a 36 run over.back in the 50 over world cup,gibbsy hit those 6 sixes but nothing was magical about it. since i was watching that video for so long,something did strike me weird. THE PITCH MAP OF STUART BROAD IN THAT OVER. if i am not wrong,4 sixes on the leg side and 2 on the off.whats weird about the pitch map was,there was no variation. 1.half volley ,middle and leg. 2.half volley ,leg stump. 3.half volley,offstump. 4.full toss ,wide of off stump. 5.half volley ,leg stump 6.half volley,middle and leg. except the 3rd and 4th ball,yuvi hit the other 4 sixes with his knees on the ground. ok yorker is tough to bowl under pressure condition.agreed.what about a short ball .ok u may think it may go over head and u might make it a 37 run over. but why not even length delivery? i wont take credit away from yuvi but i was rather baffled by the bowling. ok broad is new so what about freddie or even the other senior players?why didnt they help him?
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