If they had marked the papers right in the first place.......................

September 30, 2009 12:59pm CST
they would not be in this mess now My eldest son came home from school Monday and he was telling me that his grade in his citizenship As level had been upgraded. It turned out that two of the essay marks did not add up so they had to remark them so he went from a C to a B. But the thing is that quite a few of his classmates had been graded wrong as well. That grade that this students received could have meant the different between them getting university places as it is all based on what grades you get. Luckily it didn't come to that. You would think that they would have been more careful when it come to exam papers. Have you ever had your exam grades changed because of someone else's mistakes? Have you ever missed out on an opportunity because someone did not do their job right in the first place?.
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• United States
22 Dec 09
Have you considered the possibility that after all of the students' grade were taken into account, there was a curve put on the grades. In an attempt to not effect the students' self-esteem, the teacher may have thought it was better for him/her to look human and capable of mistakes, then to explain to the students that all of the grades were so poor there was a need to change the grading. Most people would be happy with the improved grade and not complain, creating a win-win situation. Universities do look at students' grades, but rarely does it come down to a single grade, on a single paper.