does ypur wprk damage your hands

@Swadey (220)
September 30, 2009 2:37pm CST
i think that my work is damaging my hands when i first started working there everything was fine no problems with my hands but it been a year now and my hands are itichy all the time and and cracking and peeling and stuff i think that it may be thechemicals at work that i am using, but i went to the doctor he gave me a cream it helped at bit but it comes back every now and then. what about you does your work cause you any problems? happy mylotting!
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@tixepower (1196)
• Sweden
1 Oct 09
I don't know if it hurts mine but I get weird red dots there and tehre once in a while :D
@StarBright (2799)
• United States
30 Sep 09
I have had a problem with dryness. I have to use special lotion for this. I notice some checkers in stores use rubber gloves. I asked one once, she said it was to protect her hands. You might try that. The rubber gloves are thin enough so you can still pick up things and use your fingers and even type. After all, surgeons use them. That way, your hands would be protected from chemicals. I hope this helps.