How do you express being sorry?

September 30, 2009 8:56pm CST
Sometimes we do things that unintentionally hurt the feelings of people we love.. Have you ever experienced this? how do you express being sorry to somebody you loved most?
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@kara18 (135)
1 Oct 09
Yes, I have. This is specifically between me and my partner. I wasn't even aware that i've already hurt this feelings. So when I knew that he felt bad because of something that I did, I said my apologies. And I also did ask him why exactly he felt bad over what I did, so that I would become aware exactly of what I should NOT do next time. You might also want to check this site out :)
@vopols (204)
• Philippines
1 Oct 09
In my own way when I want to express my sorry or apology I simply grab the persons hands especially if he or she is closed to me and saying I am really sorry and I promise not to do it again.Please forgive me it was my mistake. After that person or my love one had accepted my apology I'm going to treat her maybe an ice cream will do.
• China
1 Oct 09
I'd write a letter by my pens instead of texting. It's kind of sincere. so I choose to write to say sorry. And that I love him or her