Wanting to play multiplayer tetris...

October 1, 2009 3:37am CST
I've been playing multiplayer tetris a while back and it was from a site called omgpop.com but sadly, The Tetris Company have taken a lawsuit against that site and consequently the game had to be removed. I liked how omgpop had the game setup nicely so that players can create and join games or even invite friends to play without them even needing to sign up for an account. Ever since then, the game was changed into something else that isn't the same and not as good as tetris. I have not not been able to find a decent multiplayer tetris game online, not even The Tetris Company has developed one of their own yet. When was a time you had to stop playing a game and what was the reason for it?
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• Latvia
19 Oct 09
But there still is games very similar to tetris, for example blockles game. Which I kinda like. My favorite is baloono game and draw my thing!
• India
1 Oct 09
I also love to play the Tetris game, and there was the time when the video game machine was popular,( before all this Sony play station, and xbox things came). I used to play for hours. After wards when the computer came to my house, I have not played it for a long time.
• Australia
1 Oct 09
I just noticed from your avvy that it is of Batman. It looks like the logo from the sega genesis. I used to play that for hours and hours when i was a kid but then I sold my sega a few years back.