Is there any have try to get the first rank in particular interest?

October 1, 2009 3:45am CST
When i joined in the my-lot group i am the last person in the ranking of particular interest.After-wards i posted some thing in particular interest then my rankings in that interest increased.Now i am try to get the first rank in particular interest. is there any person have try to get the first rank in some interest(or)is there any have first rank?
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@lovedude (4454)
• India
1 Oct 09
hi Ganesh. it's really nice to hear someone is here who wish like me.. I am at 40th rank in computer and I wish I can be on first position. but what you really need to do is reply to most of the post (of your interest) .. and if you denote best response your ranking will increase faster. and also don't forget to start some discussion in same interest only. depends upon quality of discussion your rank will be improved.. Try once. Good Luck. and yeah if your rank increase, do mark this response as best ;-)
@DCLehnsherr (1042)
1 Oct 09
Hi Ganeshj, The best way to get the top rank in any inerest is to find one with only a few people in it, and respond to everything LOL. If you try and do it in the bigger ones (this category for instance) I don't think it is possible. That said, it would be nice one day (in a few years time no doubt) to look at the Q&A categry and see that I am on the homepage, but I doubt it really. I am not to fussed either, as long as I stay near the rank I am at now I can be content, it matches the level of activity I do here and I don't think I could ever put enough effort into this to try and get first, not with the amazing peple I would have to battle past to do that well anyway lol Good luck with your quest, and all the best Dranz
@akuler (3539)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 09
Hi ganeshj, My ranking is higher on certain interest but my rank in the restaurant interest is 126 out of 127. I never care about ranking because it doesn't mean anything. The more you post in certain interest and your posts being rated +, the higher your rank there.