Are handrails in public places safe from e colai bacteria?

October 1, 2009 3:54am CST
Hello fellow mylotters, mostly we can see handrails in public places, buses and trains, it found very useful specialy for the elders and commuters around, sometimes I think that handrails be the passage points of bacteria and viruses that can be harmfull to us even it is a simple illness we can say it comes from there, how true is that? A couple of months ago, according to news bureau in Europe, it had been said that e colai bacteria mostly come from human waste thru comfort rooms of public places spread the most cities of Europe, They found out the handrails are the primary transit points of widely spreading of e colai bacteria. Are you still using handrails? cite your comments.. thanks
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@fezman (260)
• Australia
14 Oct 09
often i have thought about that too! i also think that when you see your doctor, and he\she reaches out to shake your hand before and after your meeting, and all the handles in that room and every one leading into it, well there just has to be bad nasties all over everywhere! bbrrrr, gives me the shivers just thinkin about all the germs!! and how they are absoulutely everywhere!
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• Philippines
14 Oct 09
Lol, germs are everywhere, we cant avoid it, simply hand sanitizer can hold that but temporary only, for now i dont ever placed my hands on the handrail, lots of people used that and its promote in spreading of bacteria and the most popular is e-coli, filipino's are using soap and water after using comport rooms to remove it but in Europe its are different, they are using tissue paper and thats the fastest way to promote bacteria, no offense for the europeans, thanks for your comments fezman...