Do you love curry?

October 1, 2009 5:15am CST
I come from China where no curry produced, but i love curry.. so far as i know there are four curry sesies,India,Thailand,Japan, and south east Asia series.. no matter which series, i love all.. haha... to me, no matter what you put into curry, it just being so tasty.hha i can eat a lot curry,,,,hahaa how about u ? do u love curry? which tasty do u like? thanks for reply best wishes
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• Philippines
6 Oct 09
curry is that the spicy dish? i dont like those but i like spicy food it makes me eat more if the food is spicy.
@cupcyke (363)
• Philippines
2 Oct 09
Hello there, its my first time to taste the curry in Japan its very delicious and yummy. I like because of its taste for me its extra ordinary they put spices on it and the same as you i can eat a lot of it.
• Indonesia
1 Oct 09
hi...i live in indonesia, the most popular is chicken curry. unbelievable, i love it very much you know...anyway, if your country has no curry, where do you get it?
@shia88 (4582)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 09
Hi BabyOrchid, It is the first time I get to know that Chine do not carry any Curry products.So do you mean that curry powder also have to be imported from other country in China? I love to eat curry especially chicken curry. I always cook curry chicken for my family. Basically I like to eat spicy food and curry is one of my favourite food. When I was back to my hometown (indonesia),I will always bring back few packs of curry paste.It is pretty easier for me to cook,just dump the paste into the pot with bit of cooking oil,add the ingredients,coconut milk/condensed milk, and it is ready to be served with steam rice/ketupats/bread/vermicelli. Sometimes, I so cook vegetables curry,it is good to be eaten with ketupats.It is one of the dishes sell at my country and I always have it for my breakfast. But at my town here in Malaysia,I really can't find any best curry sell outside.So all the time,I cook i myself. Just wondering,have you ever tried rendang???It is also a spicy food and it mixed well with chicken/beef/mutton.