Love or Material Wealth

October 1, 2009 7:59am CST
I have read many books since I was a child, a lot of pages, and every pages brings you a moral lessons about life. But, there is a book, without title page and it was old, a very-very old book... that was the book of my late Granpa.. I decided to read it, then, I read its pages i felt a very-very strong feeling about love, the man in the story which is Anicito, which was his father was rich guy and the Don Aciendero(Alcade Mayor) in their place, the very powerful man in their community as well as like the mayor (the most impluensive of all the people in their community)... But, in the royal inheritance that they make their child as puppet of their own, because their child can't decide about what they wanted to do in their lives, because they only rely to their parents... The woman Lila felt in love with Anicito and Anicito falls for her too.. But when his father knows about their relationship, he made an option for Anicito, in front of two lovers and say (My son Anicito, why did you want to marry that rug-looked woman?, choose 1! the money I will be given to you when I died, or that lousy lady... what should happen next?
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