What do u prefare? Is it day or night?

October 1, 2009 10:50am CST
are u a morning person or evening person?
4 responses
@haiershen (1084)
• China
2 Oct 09
i'm a evening person, at night, i would like to have a rest,prefer to watching tv program or reading some books which is easy to get. but in the morning, i will use the times very regular,one is make a working schedule, and then start to doing working. so at this times, my brain is very clearly and working very fast, good luck and have a nice day!
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
well i'm a night person too u know =]..i prefer to do my work in night bec it's much easier for me too do the things when there are no person that disturbing me..i can focus on my work so that's why i love doing things at night =]
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
1 Oct 09
definitely a morning person,up at 4am greet the sunrise, get my fishing in while it's still cool, no traffic and people who are tru morning persons seem to be friendlier. they don't have the rush rush rush going on then putting up with non-morning people rushing to work hitting the stress button all day
• Philippines
4 Oct 09
hmmm maybe ur ryt =]..it's much easier to do in morning but it also depend on the person either bec like me i'm a evening person so i do my work in evening bec i feel relaxed and more focus when there are no noise or people that will disturb me =]
• India
8 Apr 10
I like both Day and night. It has its own advantage and disadvantage.No other go, everyone need to go with this nature.
@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 10
evening person. IT is hard for me to stay awake in the night. well i am glad because night is much calm and peaceful to get some sleep.