Nieces and Nephews

@Rite17 (773)
United Kingdom
October 1, 2009 6:22pm CST
How much love is too much!? I have a nephew that I lived with since he was a born and now I've moved out he was 2yrs of age.. And I'm still obsessed with him!! Ton's of pics and loads of vids of him with me and family... And end of Oct soon to expect Nephew No2!! So goin g to be over for the day he's due and the week after to be tehre if he is late.. Or if early get to be with him once home!! Do you think I will be same with My new nephew?! or be more calm about it cos been thrugh it with 1st child? I have older nieces but seen one of them once and thatw as when family came over for mum's funeral some 6+ yrs ago... And since then have added extra niece and teeny nephew... So was Thrilled to be there with a nephew and have him grow up with me there... Just hope to be as good with newbie coming soon as I live so far away now visiting is harder for me than going into the next room and having them there!! Goodness I miss my family... 1st time moving away so Very Home Sick.. LOL :-(
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