Is China Marching Towards World Domination?

October 2, 2009 4:34am CST
I strongly disagree and have some ticking off for this reporter Dominic Sandbrook where he reported China's 60th annual National Day celebration. I feel that he had been erroneous on many accounts and I think quite a number of Chinese here would agree with me. First of all, China has never ever voted for military action at any of the UN council meetings including the Iraq-Kuwait conflicts. China has always remained neutral and chosen non violent protocols to resolve differences. I think there may be much talked about the insurmountable number of deaths during the Communist regime, yet I would want to ask if the deaths even more in numbers, barbaric and atrocious during her monarchism days. Oh, let's not forget who were the culpable perpetrators who brought opium and plundered the land of China of her resources and people. Who walked away and abandon China to fend for herself during the barbaric and atrocities of the Japanese Occupation? Yet, did China retaliate with military force when some Western country fired a missile into her foreign embassy and killed many innocent Chinese? Yes, the narcissist West and I just do not need to name the guilty countries. So, what is wrong when a country as big or rather being the biggest in the world in population and size have to build from her aggressors both foreign and domestic? For every cause, there's always a reason. China does need to be strong with her military force to protect her people and foreigners as well. Not forgetting all the assets which have accumulated over the years of hard work and foreign investments. Yet, with all her powers, China has never lifted a military finger to wage war with weak countries. However, I must remind the West of the numerous economic aid extensions and co-operation with numerous third world countries and disaster ravaged countries. The West like this reporter, brags so much about the methods adopted to reclaim countries and control the recent civil unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang the home to the Turkic Uyghur people, Muslims. Just what do they know and what rights did they have to criticize that China government was wrong? These westerners just conveniently forget how they resolve their own civil unrest in their own backyard. Oh, what poor memories they have when they "violently" go about with their conflicts like the Falklands, North Ireland IRA, and the Crusade? China currently has territorial disputes with Japan, North & South Korea, Bhutan, Philippines and Vietnam, as well as one of the world's most enduring and most dangerous border disputes with India, which could easily bring two nuclear powers to the brink of war. But, did China ever resort to using her military power to resolve these issues like how the British resolve theirs with Falklands? Who is being more violent and overbearing here? I just cannot help having some distaste of this ignorant and frivolous reporting reporter. So, what is your take here China Chinese? Ref:
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@cynthiann (18619)
• Jamaica
2 Oct 09
Reporters just like to create excitement. It is all crappo as you well know. China is a fantastic country and I wold love to see it. The civilization is amazing. My sister went last year and she knows so much history and said it was th best experience in her life! My Jamaican friends of Chinese origin z(or rather their parents came from Chna)out her have gone and said that you would have to go there and see it for yourself to understand. It would be a dream of mine to go. Do not pay any attention to the foreign press. what do they know? Nothing!
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• Singapore
3 Oct 09
cynthiann, Thanks for being understanding here. I am just of opinion that this reporter is just ignorant and irresponsible with his writings. Sometimes, these people just do not deserve the right to have that freedom of speech where their frivolous perceptions just rile people and stir up unnecessary emotions which would cause more civil unrest at the end of the day. You know I wonder if he remembered who just let a notorious terrorist free over some humanitarian compassion reason. Ha! Ha! Ha! (Shaking my head) You're absolutely right, he's not worth the attention and bother!
@chriswolf (360)
• China
22 Nov 09
you are right in some aspects. I think china has present a very kind posture to the world. we are glad to be friends with the people from all over the world. and china is a great country too.
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