Theres money in PTC

October 2, 2009 5:58am CST
I used to be a victim of PTC scam before tats why i stopped after renting referrals and upgrading or wasting my money and yet i dont even got my payout, or even my first payout. then yesterday, i was talking to a friend of mine and she just told me that she just earned 100 dollars in neobux and another 100 dollars in palmbux. and you know why? because she rent referrals and upgraded her account. luckily coz these 2 PTC account are one of the legit PTC. i just returned in PTC and also purchase referrals and even upgraded. im confident now coz the site have forum and chat room so you will become updated in whatever problem. unlike other PTC that you cant open the forum as its always in error while others you can see a lot of concern from member about their payout and etc. so far these two site dont have any problem from members regarding their payout. and hope i will be lucky this time.
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