your favorite color????

October 2, 2009 7:20am CST
I like so many color and they all are my favorites, but its depend on things on which they are going to apply. In other word, i like black in dress-up, Red in cars,Yellow in sports bike, Blue on website, etc.. What is your favorite color.. "NEHA"
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@cathloe (184)
• Philippines
24 Jul 11
my favorite colors are black and yellow. they are really great when combined. i love yellow because it makes you glow and black because it shows my inner sense of being strong and loves to hear rock/alternative music =)
@febrigas (362)
• Indonesia
7 Jul 11
I liked the color blue and black. Blue for the vehicle, and black for the dress. :D
@coldmoon (1092)
• France
2 Oct 09
I like all the colors appearring in the rainbow. Basically, they're beautiful, but they can become ugly if we don't know how to combine them. Among the above colors, maybe I prefer green and violet.
@ayebelle (368)
• Philippines
2 Oct 09
In clothes i like gray, and yellow and blue. i hate pink actually, but my room painted like that. tsk! hmmm i've read an article saying that black and white is not a totally a "color". I don't know, but when you say favorite color it should be except white and black.
• Indonesia
2 Oct 09
I love red so much! I like it since I was a kid.. It makes me feel confident and energetic.. :D I also like black, blue and brown...