r u ready for ur future?!!!

@tinsky (163)
October 2, 2009 10:57am CST
as what iv noticed nowadays, many people attend to get married early at a very young age. do u know what will happen to ur future if people are like that, so in a hurry even if ur not yet ready? if i were u, u should enjoy ur life while ur still at a young age. don't be in a hurry. u might regret it. know the person well before ur going to settle down...
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@gohigh00 (65)
• China
3 Oct 09
I am regret to say that,i m not so ready for my future. But sometimes marriage and lover are not controlled by ourslef. We need the chance to know the right person, and we are limited by our age, Still we need to consider the finicial issue. I really agree with you thatd know the person well before going to settle down. Sometimes people do not care about settling down issue so much,they get married easily and get divorce easily. I think they do not consider marriage as a settling down. Howevern, one of my high school mate of my, she and her boyfriend get married after 8 month, I don't know the reason why they are so urgent, maybe the reason of age, but I really suspect if they have know each other everywell, they are sure to spend the rest of their life together. Anyway, still best wishes to them!
@agv0419 (3029)
• Philippines
3 Oct 09
No I'm yet ready about my future and I don't mind if I'm not yet married at my age. I don't know why others are in a hurry to settle down even if they are not yet ready financially and emotionally. If you already satiated to be single and you are ready both emotionally and financially that's the time you would consider to settle down. I'm very amazed that the Germans are very serious about their future they only going to settle down if they are financially secured so they can ensure that they can support a family. That's why their population is small compare to us and their government giving them rewards if they going to have children.