Everyone feels down sometimes...

@tinsky (163)
October 2, 2009 12:49pm CST
It's very unusual to feel happy every day. But if u've been very sad for weeks on end, and it's starting to get over ur life, u could be depressed.
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@doormouse (4619)
2 Oct 09
i've been depressed for 14 yrs,i take daily meds so i rarely feel down,if i do then it only lasts a few hours
@mesuaky (397)
• Singapore
2 Oct 09
yes, if your sadness continues it will surly turn into depression and i will say its really bad when your reach that point, everything around you will slowly fall apart, everything will be affected by this depression you have, I know cause it happened to me, and its almost cost me evrything, my job and my family, i was lucky i had friends thet pushed me back to fight back with this depression. they never left me and they supported me all the way, now i just got back to my regular life, the cherrful person i was before. i am still fighting this battle but i am happy to say i know i am winning. if your starting to feel this don't ignore this, get your friend and family to help you out, do wait till its too late to fight back.