Am I always unlucky in a 'lucky draw'?

@rj4pau (216)
October 2, 2009 12:59pm CST
I sometimes wonder why I never won the big prizes in any lucky draw or lucky dip. Even when the possibilities of getting pick is very high, I never had the chance to win the big prize. The best price I ever won was a 16" TV which I thought was among the big prize for that particular draw only to found out that it was the smallest prize of the draw which everyone would won something... What was biggest prize you ever won in a lucky draw or lucky dip?
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@yparson (582)
• United States
2 Oct 09
I first humble myself with "gratitude" and I also enlighten myself by reading books like the "Science of getting rich" or watching "The Secret" on dvd and I try hard to stay positive and laugh as much as I can to bring the good energy into my life. In August I entered a contest and won a GPS system(top prize). I also like playing the lottery scratchers and the largest I've won so far was $700 on $2 ticket and I won $500 in June on a $2 ticket. I win $100 all the time on the scratchers. It just a matter of time when I will win the top prize amount.