Music: An Obsession?

@Sinned (31)
United States
October 2, 2009 3:55pm CST
Which instruments does everyone here play, and which do you enjoy the most? I play several: trumpet, guitar, bass, percussion, drum set, piano, and even a few more I'm probably neglecting due to familiarity. Of all of them, I probably enjoy Guitar or Trumpet the most. They're both just really fun instruments to play and make music on! I find myself consumed and absolutely obsessed with music and most of all, GEAR! I love both the same. I have been described by people as a fairly uptight person, however, when I play music all of that goes away and I feel lively and as if I am someone completely different. I truly feel the passion in an instrument and most well-written pieces of music. So much emotion goes into music that one cannot even fathom what the writer/composer was initially feeling or thinking at the time the composition was born! But we all can have our own personal interpretations on the wonderful vibrations in the air that our body can combine into a single comprehensible sound!
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