Why love is so important?

@Informer (803)
October 3, 2009 2:53am CST
Hi Friends, I have met so many people, who feels that love is very important and one can't live without love. I don't know why. But do you think that love is so important? If yes than Why love is so important?
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@chaitra001 (3278)
• Bangalore, India
4 Oct 09
Hi Informer.. Love is very important in every ones life.. When we are Inside the mother's womb we are already been loved by our mother.. once we are born we are loved by our parents and siblings and of course we too love them.. and once we get a life partner we are again been loved and we too love them.. and next comes children and so on.. I think this might help you to get answer for your question..
@AndyDan (50)
• China
3 Oct 09
Buddy,think about what you live for?I think simple answer is that to make people around you happy.Then that would make you feel love from other people.That make your life meanful and is why love is so important.
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
3 Oct 09
I do not believe in love. love is not important to me. important for me is responsibility. love can go away, but the responsibility should not be lost. more important responsibility than to love. some people say to me of love and responsibility go hand in hand Leih well. but in practice I could not find the love can go hand in hand with responsibility.
@moneymaya (901)
• India
3 Oct 09
I think there are some think which human have built in or you can say that some things are actually our soul requirements , one of them is love thanks mylotting