Playing hard to get

@ayebelle (368)
October 3, 2009 8:23am CST
To make themselves seem less available and more teriific than they actually are, a lot of girls are taught to play hard to get. They make themselves scarce when their guy is trying to find them, they constantly tell him they're busy when they're really not. They act like they have loads of guys just drooling for them. Frankly, I dont like the idea of girls playing any games in an attempt to get a guy to love them. I believe that when we play games, we atrract game players who will only end up giving us back our own medicine. Would you be happy with a guy who purposely does not answer the phone to make you think he's out? Would you like to care for a guy who goes out of his way to make you jealous? Would you want to be involved with someone who rejects getting together with you just because you apontaneously called him at the last minute? Well if you answered no to any of these qustions, put yourself in the shoes of a guy. Remember we attract the same behaviors in a guy that we put forth. Girls, i need your opinion regarding on this. Glad to hear your comments. Boys, do you agree on me?
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