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October 3, 2009 2:18pm CST
I saw "20/20" last night and it was about albinism. I did not know it happens in every country,and in every race on the plant! They interview a twenty year woman who is now a fashion model in Paris! There was one girl who hated being an albino so much she dyes her hair and eyebrows! Then there was the faternal twin brothers. One was black and his brother is an a albino! Most albinos are discriminated and teased because of the way they look! In the African country of Tanzania they have the most people with albinism. In Tanzania thanks to superstition there are people who kill people with albinsm! Some Tanzanians believe if you grind up parts of an albino in an a potion by a witch doctor will make a person rich for example! When I heard that I was in shock! Over two hundred Tanzanians have been killed over the last few years because they were albinos! Until recently no one was even charged with a killing! This situation is sick! They did interview a woman who survived an attack! She has the lower parts of her arms cut off and lost the baby she was carrying at the time! She can't take care of herself and has to be taken care by her mother! After hearing that story I was very sadden! It is so unbelieveible that this is really happening and it is almost impossible to stop! I hope it has open other peoples eyes and these albino Tanzanians get more help then they get! They really need it!
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@JodiLynn (1417)
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4 Oct 09
wow, with all those exclamation points, you must feel pretty strongly