Alertpay or Paypal

South Africa
October 3, 2009 3:38pm CST
Hi All while replying to a discussion the topic came up about Paypal and alertpay. Living in South Africa I dont have the choice as Paypal wont pay us over here. Does anybody else have comments GOOD or BAD about these two providers of emoney transfer? Jim
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• Canada
4 Oct 09
In my opinion it is essential in the online world for both of these. Even though Paypal is more popular there are some great sites that only use Alertpay. Basically they are the same thing, and I am sure you will be happy dual account of each, like me :P
@getbrowser (1715)
• China
3 Oct 09
Hi provider10. Paypal is a better choice for me. Nowadays, Paypal is widely used around the world while Alertpay is not so popular. I have been useing it for 2 years and it is really helpful for me to gain some dollars from USA for I am Chinese and can't get that without Paypal. But as you have said, you don't have opportunity to choose Paypal in South Africa. I think you can choose Alertpay and wait for the access of Paypal. Good luck!
3 Oct 09
Paypal is most widely used online but can be fussy about some programs. If it decides the program is not suitable for its own guidelines then it will just freeze your account. Therefore some programs just use Alertpay and some offer both as a choice for members. Alertpay is getting more strict on people registering and proving themselves but does not have such strict rules on which programs it allows. It just tries to ensure that site owners pay out correctly as much as it can. I use both successfully. I think they are secure and well based.
• United States
3 Oct 09
I like paypal, its slightly cheaper for credit card transactions, and there is no fee to withdraw straight to your bank account