Finding a Job

South Africa
August 29, 2006 6:45am CST
Please let it be known that once you reach Oxygen-thief status i.e. mid forties, securing a job is a rather humouristic situation - the comments you get varies from: your qualifications are not suitable; your experience is not suitable; your dog is too fat; your mother is too ugly; etc. to: we are looking for a female person; the post has been filled; the post was withdrawn; your car is not suitable; etc but nobody wants the responsibility to tell you you are too old or your ethnic origin is a disqualifying factor! Any comments on this - I am talking to the seniors - you youngsters should check this out carefully - it may happen to you someday!!
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@SunnyDays (1071)
• Bahamas
19 Sep 06
I know from my friend who was in her early 40's when she looked for a job that it was very hard to find one due to her each. This is something i will never understand as you most probably still have another 20 yrs to go.. I will be in that situation shortly so we will see how it goes even though I do know that this problem varies from country to country Don't give up !!!