Upcoming christmas gifts

@Virgie60 (556)
United States
October 4, 2009 6:09pm CST
Probably really early to be thinking about this but was wondering how to save money on Christmas gifts. Do you have any frugal gift ideas for teenagers? I have a son that just turned 20 and a daughter that is 15. Anybody have any really awesome ideas out there. Thanks.
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@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
4 Oct 09
My kids are 31 nad 27 and 3 grand daughters. THe kids said they don't want to do gifts with adults... if they want something they don't want to wait till christmas to get it, and our budgets are all limited to. And since there isn't anything that anyone can buy for their father that he will like (daughter bought him a Sirus radio system thing for his car cause he was working out of state and would drive back home every other weekend... he never took it out of the box!) So I guess we won't be doing adults, but at the same time... I want to give my kids a gift for christmas. But the grand daugheter... the 9 year old one... she has so much - divorce so she gets from multiple familys... and she gets so much, she doesn't appreciate it or even play with most of it and throw in going from here to there in custody shifting... I am not at all looking forward to christmas this year. I thinkwhat I will do for the 9 yo one tho, is an online game membership. $6 a month for some of these games she plays for free but you upgrade and get to do more. I can cancel the membership at any time if she gets distracted, but the thing is, she has a computer at mom's but for some reason, it doesn't always pullup games,,, maybe a speed issue, don't know. She doesnt have computer at all at dad's house and only place she has use of computer is at my house and she isn't here that often!!! Yet another delima!! So, I am not looking forward to christmas and gift giving. So maybe it is good that they don't want to do gifts to adults!!! Count my blessings, right?!! LOL!!!
@rosepedal64 (4192)
• United States
4 Oct 09
Hi Virgie... Oh no it's not too early to be thinking about christmas at all. I have already decided to start on it myself..As far as suggestions for the teen, well that is a good one..They are really hard to buy for. Maybe a new cell phone with the all the text features on it or if that wont work then I probably would go with gifts cards from different stores. You can't never go wrong there. They get what they want then..I wish you luck and hope that you can decide what to do...