United States
October 4, 2009 6:10pm CST
I bought a new Toyota Rav 4, 2007, I was very happy with it, new ,shiny, ran great, no problems. At about forty thousand miles my steering wheel is making a noise in the steering column. I called the toyota dealer where I bought it, and they said it won't be coverd under warrenty. Your warrenty is thirty six thousand or three years, I mentioned a bulliton that I found on line that this is a defect, basicly for the mechanics, they still would not cover it, it will cost me seven hundred dollars, well, I said a few words, not being happy about this, the service presonal gave me the tel. number of the main head quarters in California, to see if it would be coverd under warrenty, gave me the same run around, I said to them if I knew the Toyota Rav 4 would have a defect at forty thousand miles I would not have bought it! They don't care, so now I have to pay to get it fixed, they said it wasn't a dangerous defect, but it is getting worse, sounds like a racchet when turning the steering wheel, so needless to say, I told them I would not buy another Toyota again. I'm sure there are other stories that some of you can tell us about, it really erks me that they can be so low knowing about this problem, its the principal, why should I have to pay for their defects? ANY COMMENTS OUT THERE? NOT HAPPY TOYOTA OWNER
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