being loyal or faithful?

October 4, 2009 11:06pm CST
when i had a little talk with my friend she told me that being loyal is different from being faithful. when one is loyal he can be loyal to many but when we say faithful he is not into somebody else but only you.
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@ally12 (1204)
• Philippines
5 Oct 09 ive searched for the meaning of the two words faithful and loyal, i did not find any difference between the two but the spelling.being faithful is to be devoted,trustworthy, dependable,reliable,etc..and it all describes being loyal.
• Canada
5 Oct 09
If you're speaking about a marriage, or when you're dating someone, they would both mean the same thing. You're not being loyal to your girlfriend if you're cheating on her (for example). If you're talking about friendship, you should obviously be loyal to all of your friends.