beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

October 4, 2009 11:14pm CST
according to my male friends when we have feelings for the person we become blinded of the real appearance of that person but when the feeling disappear this is the time that we see how ugly they are.
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• Australia
5 Oct 09
I would have to agree with your friends somewhat. But it could be your male and female friends telling you how ugly he/she is. But in the end, it's what makes you happy. Beauty is not going to be there in another 50 or so years time, I would rather be spending it with someone who has intelligent conversation then someone who has an empty head. It reminds me of a friend, recently she started dating this guy and before I even met him she kept telling me he was not her normal type (which is men that you can use their arms as monkey bars) and I kept telling her to calm down I am not the one dating him. He was tall and lanky but he had charisma and he has been the best guy that she has dated yet.
• Singapore
5 Oct 09
It is not always be the case. For me, I think when you get closer to a person and spend more time with her, it's that time that you will know who she really is. Sometimes it takes for us to live together to see the real personalities of each other. When we are not yet married or when we are on the initial stage of our relationship, people tend to out their best food forward to the extent of hiding their real attitude. Time and circumstances will reveal our true personality. It is a matter of acceptance on each other flaws that will make the relationship still intact.